Empty Temp Folders 2.8.3


Empty Temp Folders is an application developed to help you clean your computer of temporary and unnecessary files.

You may not know where to start when you first launch the app and that’s only because of the less-intuitive design, with plenty of buttons in each tab to perform various actions.

Empty Temp Folders allows users to clean temporary folders, remove cookies, history and URLs, find temporary files and empty clipboard.

The program relies on a tabbed layout to quickly give you access to any of the aforementioned cleaners, but plenty of options are available in a dedicated settings menu as well.

For example, you can configure the behavior of the “Empty all folders” button that can delete either a single item or all of them at once, including all cookies, all URLs, all history items and the Recycle Bin content.

You are allowed to exclude files from the removal process, but also configure the app to remove files older than a defined number of days.

Empty Temp Folders doesn’t hamper system performance and although it may seem a very basic application at the first glance, you discover new features as you explore its menus.

All things considered, Empty Temp Folders is an app that serves its purpose easily, but a more user-friendly approach is clearly needed. The interface already relies on a tabbed layout, so intuitive buttons that could guide users throughout the whole cleaning process would be great. A help section is also available, just in case you need assistance on a specific built-in tool.

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
  • Fixed bug in Emptemp preventing it from deleting cookies, history files and
  • URLs when run with command line option /all.
  • Fixed wrong file bitmap on tab #3 when searching for temp files and zero
  • bytes were unchecked.
  • Fixed bug causing file type to be missing from intern list after readding it
  • by clicking the Default button on tab #3. Worked OK after reload  though.
  • Added menu item What’s new? to the Help menu.
  • Fixed: On tab #4 after deleting single items the selection moved 2 items down.
  • Added gid, syd and dir to file types (tab #3). Click the Default button to add them!
  • Fixed bug in EmpRunner causing it to always show on startup.
  • Added 10 minutes interval to EmpRunner.


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